2. Bundesliga: bookmakers with the best live betting odds

2. Bundesliga: bookmakers with the best live betting odds

2. Bundesliga is the second tier of German football. The 2. stands for Zweiter, which means second in German. The second German League holds plenty of well-known football clubs like Kaiserslautern, St. Pauli, Nurnberg and Bochum. Four bookmakers stand out with excellent 2. Bundesliga live betting odds. It is therefore essential to know who these bookmakers for live betting on 2. Bundesliga matches are. Time to find out who your best bookmaker for live betting on 2. Bundesliga is!

Average odds in general

betoptimizr analysed many bookmakers that provide in-play betting on the German second league. As we have said above, you will find excellent value with four online bookmakers. Two other bookmakers follow behind. The others are mediocre at best. Selecting your best bookmaker for 2. Bundesliga is crucial to winning bigger!

Best bookmakers for 2. Bundesliga live betting

The bookmakers with the best odds on 2. Bundesliga matches based on our in-depth research are:

These three bookmakers have a great average payout percentage of 95%. You cannot get better odds for 2. Bundesliga matches than with these bookies.

If you are also interested in the pre-match odds of 2. Bundesliga matches then, by all means, take a peek at our exclusive pre-match analysis. Now, let’s reveal the results of our extensive investigation on the 2. Bundesliga.


  • The differences in the attractiveness of odds are very significant
  • The average payout percentage of all bookmakers is 92.47%
  • Three bookmakers offer the best odds value. The payout percentage is more than 95%
  • Three bookmakers offer a payout between 94%-95%
  • 13 bookmakers offer odds with a payout between 93%-94%
  •  28 bookmakers offer odds with a payout between 92%-93%
  •  17 bookmakers offer bets with a payout percentage that is lower than 92%

Analysis of the average payout of bookmakers for 2. Bundesliga

Below an overview of all significant online bookmakers and their margins for in-play 1×2 2. Bundesliga bets. The graph reveals the average payout percentages for every bookmaker. Yes, indeed, the red dots! The higher the average payout, the better you are off as a player.

2. Bundesliga live betting odds

A payout percentage of 95% or more is considered excellent value. No issues at all with placing your wagers with the four online bookmakers that clear that 95% threshold. The three bookmakers that offer between 94% and 95% are also considered good value.

You should avoid the ten bookmakers that rank just above or below the 92% mark. You could be saving yourself a lot of money by switching to the six bookmakers with the higher payout.

Besides the best bookmakers for live betting listed above, we also list the online bookmakers in the good and the worst category. We rank the 2. Bundesliga matches on 1×2 bets. You can make your own choice to make sure you bet with the optimum bookmaker. No need to throw away your money!

Bookmakers with good 2. Bundesliga live betting odds

The bookmakers with good 2. Bundesliga live betting odds based on our extensive analysis are:

The three bookmakers mentioned above offer mostly in-play odds with an average payout in the 94%-95% range which is well above the market average. Nothing wrong with those odds on offer!

Most of the abovementioned bookmakers also have very reasonable pre-match odds on 2. Bundesliga matches. Enjoy our betoptimizr analysis on those pre-match odds.

Bookmakers with the worst 2. Bundesliga live betting odds

The bookmakers with less attractive in-play odds based on our research are:

The online bookmakers mentioned above offer odds with an average payout percentage below 91%. As we have explained above, you can do much better than that. Making a switch to one of the three top bookmakers is strongly advised.

Well worth knowing…

You may think, the difference of between 98% and a 92% payout percentage is hardly worth the effort switching bookmakers. Well, that’s not true. betoptimizr has calculated that even the slightest difference (6% in this case) in payout percentages can lead to substantial savings.


A stake of €10 (or equivalent) on 200 matches a year will win you €120 more (6% of your €2.000 total stake). If you bet on multiples, you will earn €500 a year more based on the same example. If you want to know exactly how much you can save, please discover our free tool.

Do your own investigation…

If you want to do your own investigating you can use our free betoptimizr tool to find out in 20 seconds what savings you can make on your football bets by switching to the online bookmaker with the highest payout. Our free tool is free and 100% independent.

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