Allsvenskan: bookmakers with the best live betting odds

The Swedish Allsvenskan league perhaps does not have a high profile exposure, like the Premier League or the Bundesliga, but does have a convenient advantage. The Allsvenskan competition plays its matches played during the summer months. When all major European football competitions are enjoying a summer break, the Allsvenskan live betting odds can give sports bettors a pleasant surprise. The same applies to the Norwegian Eliteserien. Let’s find out now what is the best bookmaker for live betting on Allsvenskan matches.

Online bookmakers do not offer live betting on all Allsvenskan matches. Nevertheless, betoptimizr was able to analyze a whole bunch of bookmakers that provide in-play betting on the Swedish league.

Allsvenskan does not have a high profile. The odds are, therefore, generally speaking fair. Selecting the best bookmaker for Allsvenskan is therefore even more crucial.

If you are also interested in the pre-match odds of Allsvenskan matches then, by all means, take a peek at our exclusive pre-match analysis.

Analysis average payout of bookmakers for Allsvenskan live betting odds

Our analysis of finding the best bookmaker for Allsvenskan betting starts by investigating the odds of all the major online bookmakers that offer the odds above. In the graph below you can immediately see that it is lonely at the top!

Top bookmakers with the best Allsvenskan live betting odds

The bookmakers with the best odds on the Swedish Allsvenskan based on the betoptimizr scan are without a doubt:

Pinnacle is the only bookmakers offering live betting 1×2 bets with an average payout percentage of more than 95%. You cannot get better live odds for Swedish Allsvenskan matches.

Overview online bookmakers for Allsvenskan live betting odds

Below an overview of all significant online bookmakers on their margins for live betting 1×2 Allsvenskan stakes. The graph shows the average payout percentages. The higher the average payout, the better you are off as a player.


  • The differences in the attractiveness of odds are very significant
  • The average payout percentage of all bookmakers is 92.38%
  • One bookmaker (Pinnacle) offers the best odds value. The payout percentage is just over 95%
  • Three bookmakers offer a payout between 94%-95%
  • 17 bookmakers offer odds with a payout between 93%-94%
  • 23 bookmakers offer odds with a payout between 92%-93%
  • 20 bookmakers offer bets with a payout percentage that is lower than 92%

betoptimizr suggest you stick to the top 4 bookmakers for Allsvenskan live betting. Otherwise, you will be disappointed with the payouts. Especially in the long run. You could be saving yourself several hundreds of euros (or equivalent) per year, by switching to bookmakers with the higher payout.

Now it is time to reveal the names of the dots! Besides the best bookmakers for live betting listed above, we also list the online bookmakers in the good and the worst category. We grade the results on Allsvenskan in-play (live) bets. We have ranked the bookmakers based on 1×2 betting.

It is up to you to make your own choice. But do make sure you bet with your best bookmaker. No need for your money to go down the drain!

Bookmakers with good Allsvenskan live betting odds

The bookmakers with good odds on the Swedish Allsvenskan based on the betoptimizr analysis are:

The bookmakers mentioned above offer mostly in-play odds with an average payout just above the 94% mark, which is well above the market average.

Most of the abovementioned bookmakers also have very reasonable pre-match odds on Allsvenskan matches. Read our extensive analysis of those pre-match odds.

Bookmakers with the worst Allsvenskan live betting

The bookmakers with less attractive in-play odds based on the betoptimizr research are:

The online bookmakers mentioned above offer odds with an average payout percentage below 91%. You can do much better than that.

This average percentage does not necessarily mean that the bookmakers above also offer poor pre-match odds. Interested in the pre-match odds of Allsvenskan?

Do your own investigation...

If you want to do your own investigating you can use our free betoptimizr tool to find out in 20 seconds what savings you can make on your football bets by switching to the online bookmaker with the highest payout. Our free tool is free and 100% independent.

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