Asian handicap Premier League

Asian handicap Premier League

Asian handicap betting on Premier League matches is getting more and more popular. Not in the least because online bookmakers are offering very appealing Asian handicap Premier League odds nowadays. With only two possible results for every bet, the bookmaker is running a lower risk. This lower risk results in a positive reflection of the odds value for the players.

What is Asian handicap betting?

Asian handicap betting is frequently on offer with online bookmakers for multiple football competitions. An Asian handicap bet is a 1X2 bet whereby one team gets a handicap (deficit) of a certain number of goals. Bookmakers use increments of 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc. to underline this deficit. As one team (usually the favourite to win the match) gets a handicap the odds for both teams are roughly the same, making it a great betting proposition.

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Asian handicap Premier League odds have two significant advantages

#1 Betting on the stronger team is more appealing

The stronger team (on paper!) gets the handicap, making the game much more exciting, especially when a title favourite is playing a relegation candidate. Most importantly, if the stronger team beats the set disadvantage, the winnings will be much higher compared to the odds of a regular 1X2 bet.

#2 Only two possible outcomes

Every Asian Handicap bet has just two possible outcomes because as a draw is impossible due to the increments of 0.5 etc. Therefore many players find this a significant advantage.

The downside is also apparent. Big odds are not possible. Meaning there is no underdog winning the match or a draw. Asian Handicap odds takes these big wins out of the equation.

Example of an Asian handicap Premier League bet

For the football match Manchester City at home against Chrystal Palace, the odds of a bookmaker for the 1X2 bet are:

“1” (a win for Manchester City) 1.14
“X” (a draw) 2.30
 “2” (a win for Chrystal Palace) 5.10

The same match in an Asian handicap bet (handicap for Manchester City -3.5 goals) looks like this:

“1” (a win for Manchester City) 1.95
 “2” (a win for Chrystal Palace) 1.85

With the handicap of -3.5 goals for Manchester City, the match is now more or less even, as both teams have a similar chance of winning. That is why an Asian handicap makes a bet more exciting, and the odds on Manchester City much better. The “draw” is eliminated, making this a 2-way bet.

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