bet types

Bet types with the most attractive odds

Bet types with the most attractive odds

Some bet types have much more attractive odds than others

Online bookmakers offer many matches and many bet types. Every day. betoptimizr analyzed all the markets extensively to determine which bet types have the most attractive odds. After examining millions of data points, we concluded that 1×2 bets and Asian handicap bets are the most attractive to play. Odds and pay-outs for these two bet types are (in some cases far) better than any other kind of wager.

Bookmakers have several strategies, to make profits. One of the strategies is by offering bets at less attractive odds. Bookmakers however also face fierce competition and are therefore forced also to provide attractive competitive odds. Offering different types of bets, with different (complex) rules and odds helps them to increase margins. betoptimizr cracked the case for you.

The odds analysis for five different popular bets

For our review, we have made a comparison for 50 major online bookmakers for five different types in the English Premier League (1 day before the match). Millions of data points were used to make the analysis reliable. The average payout percentages of the 50 bookmakers are plotted (each represented by one dot) for the following different types of bets:1×2 bets (blue dots)

-1×2 bets over half time result (red dots)

-Asian handicap bets (purple dots)

-Both teams to score bets (green dots)

-Over/under bets (yellow dots)


Premier League bet types

The Betoptimizr analysis reveals that:

  1. Around ten bookmakers offer very attractive odds for 1×2 bets with average payout percentages in the range of 97%-99% for the Premier League.
  2. The average payout for Asian handicap bets is also attractive. Most bookmakers (but not all!) offer Asian handicap betting.
  3. The other over/under bets and both teams to score bets have a worse payout percentage than the 1×2 bets or the Asian handicap bets.
  4. The value for halftime 1×2 bets (or first half 1×2 bets) are inferior.

Our analysis also shows that states that an online bookmaker has an average payout of 95% do not make sense. That same bookmaker could have an average payout of 98% on 1×2 bets, but only 92% for other bet types. Combining the two and taking an average is not proper statistics. It is, therefore, more than worthwhile to have a thorough look at these ratios if you are betting in different competitions. betoptimizr helps you with this.

The Premier League formed the base of the analysis above. We see similar differences in the other European football competitions.

Do not let online bookmakers fool you

Bookmakers are trying to win customers over by offering appetizing odds on the primary – and popular – football competitions. But at the same time, bookmakers will look for ways to get a better margin on other bet types. All online bookmakers need to make a profit. One effective way to do this is by cutting the odds value on the special bets such as some yellow cards, or next corner kick.

Also, bet types that hold many different outcomes (such as half time/full time, correct score or outrights) have much lower average payout percentages.

Selection of the right bookmaker is critical for the special bets

Does our analysis imply that you should not play other bets than 1×2 bets or Asian Handicap bets? Not necessarily. Your expertise is still very valuable, and you can even outperform the other players and win more money. But for the special bets, the selection of the best bookmaker is crucial.

Conclusion: Odds differ significantly for different types of bets

If a bookmaker offers attractive odds for 1×2 bets, it does not necessarily imply that this is the case for all different types of bets. Differences in the average payout can be major and sometimes even more than 5% or more! The 1×2 bets and Asian Handicap bets are the most attractive to play. Odds for these two bet types are much better than for the other types of bets.

Handig om te weten …

Je denkt misschien dat het verschil tussen 98% en 92% uitbetalingspercentage nauwelijks de moeite waard is om van bookmaker te wisselen. Nou, dat is niet waar. betoptimizr heeft berekend dat zelfs het kleinste verschil (6% in dit geval) in uitbetalingspercentages tot aanzienlijke besparingen kan leiden.

Een inzet van €10 (of vergelijkbaar) op 200 wedstrijden per jaar levert je € 120 meer (6% van je totale inzet van € 2.000). En als je inzet op een veelvoud hiervan, verdien je op basis van hetzelfde voorbeeld bijvoorbeeld € 500 per jaar meer. Als je precies wilt weten hoeveel je kunt besparen, ontdek dat onze gratis tool.

Doe je eigen onderzoek …

Als je zelf onderzoek wilt doen, kun je onze gratis betoptimizr tool gebruiken om binnen 20 seconden te zien welke besparing je kunt realiseren op je voetbalweddenschappen door over te stappen naar de online bookmaker met de hoogste uitbetaling. Onze  gratis tool is and 100% 0nafhankelijk.