betoptimizr inside out

betoptimizr inside out

It’s all about sports betting and how you can improve your winnings

betoptimizr is founded by sports bettors – like yourself – and mathematicians. Together we realized that checking the odds of sports betting websites should not only be done on any given moment but also over a space of time and compared to several key components (which football competition? Which bet type?) instead of just one: time of placing your bet.

Your favourite sports betting website may have the best 1×2 odds on the Premier League, but their 1×2 odds on the Champions League are the worst you can get. The odds on live betting on the Bundesliga might be high with your current betting website, but those same live betting odds on the Premier League could be way below the industry average. We investigated our hunch and quickly realized that the differences between all bookmakers in your country are quite staggering. Or to put it in other words … you are throwing away money.

Individual value

What we do is quite simple to explain but hard to discover, hence the mathematicians! We throw all our findings in one larger big data “box.” Once you have told us your betting preferences in our free betoptimizr scan, we give you your best betting website based on your betting pattern. The betting website that will provide you with the most value based on your input. And with value, we mean stone-cold euro’s, pounds, kroner or what else. It is all about the odds and what it means for your back pocket.

Our principles

At betoptimizr, we have one uncomplicated aim: making sure you get the most value out of your sports bets. We do this according to our TRUTH principle:

T               Transparent

We have nothing to hide. Well, we will not reveal the exact method we use to digest and calculate the bookmaker data. But apart from that, we are an open book. How do make this worth our while? Through our contracts with the betting operators we get a kickback on new customers we direct to them. This process is similar to how other comparison websites operate.

R               Reliable

We like to call ourselves nitty gritty. We do not leave any betting stone unturned during our analysis. Our mathematicians are continuously updating our databases so we can give you the correct information regarding your best bookmaker. If a betting website is changing the payout percentage on a particular bet or competition, we will consider it in our ranking. We will assure you. For betoptimizr, only the facts count.

U              Unbiased

We do not favour any bookmaker. All our recommendations are based on fact-finding and are therefore 100% independent. We do not rank betting websites based on commercial terms!

T               Together

We are not able to keep a high standard at Betoptimizr without you. We need to do this together. Your feedback to us is a crucial element for the continuous success of our platform. We love to hear from you. Good or bad!

H              Helpful

Our website and all its content are free to use for all sports bettors. Always. We have no hidden costs or other barriers that may concern you. We want to help you get the best odds at the best betting website. Always.

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