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Are you sure? We would love to have directed you to the bookmaker of your choice. But unfortunately, we couldn’t. In the interest of our visitors, we always list all the bookmakers. Even though we have tried very hard to get them involved, until this moment they have decided not to participate. We keep trying! …

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betoptimizr inside out

betoptimizr inside out It’s all about sports betting and how you can improve your winnings betoptimizr is founded by sports bettors – like yourself – and mathematicians. Together we realized that checking the odds of sports betting websites should not only be done on any given moment but also over a space of time and compared to …

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Betoptimizr calculation method explained

Betoptimizr calculation method explained Odds calculation of all online bookmakers explained in 4 easy steps Transparency is our core principle. Therefore, we find it self-evident to share our method of collecting, calculating and analyzing the odds data with you. With regards to the parsing and odds calculation, we have a team of top-notch mathematicians working for us. They …

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betoptimizr betting guide

Betoptimizr betting guide: A to Z to win bigger! What type of bets are there? How does a bookmaker make money? Why is the average payout percentage so significant? What is the difference between pre-match and in-play? Questions you may know the answer to, or maybe not. Anyhow, betoptimizr gathered all the information you need …

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