Europa League: bookmakers with the best live betting odds

Europa League: bookmakers with the best live betting odds

Europa League matches are perhaps the second tier of European Cup football, but from a betting perspective, the Europa League offers tremendous value. Europa League live betting odds will ensure extra excitement, that’s for sure. It is no secret that live betting (or in-play betting) is very popular amongst sports bettors. But, you need to know which bookmaker suits your betting preferences best.

Good news

betoptimizr has thoroughly analyzed the value of in-play bets for the Europa League matches. And, as we hinted above, there is good news! The in-play odds offered by online bookmakers on football matches of the Europa League are excellent compared to most other competitions. The Europa League is a very high profile international football league with many (TV) fans around the world. Online bookmakers make sure that the odds on offer reflect the popularity.

3 bookmakers with the best Europa League live betting odds

The bookmakers with the best in-play odds on the Europa League matches are:

These bookies offer great value with a spectacular payout percentage of 96%. That is very high for live betting standards.

Analysis average payout of bookmakers for Europa League live betting odds

Our analysis on finding the best bookmaker for UEFA Europa League betting starts by investigating the odds of all the major online bookmakers. In the graph below you can see an unusual pattern: the average value is very decent indeed compared to other live betting markets. There is excellent value among a large bunch of different bookmakers. Avoid the bookmakers around the 92% mark or below though!

Overview online bookmakers for Europa League bets

Below an overview of all significant online bookmakers with their very different individual margins for in-play 1x 2 Europa League bets.

Europa League live betting odds


  • The differences in the attractiveness of odds are very significant
  • One bookmaker (Pinnacle) offer the best odds value. The payout percentage is just over 96%!
  • Two bookmakers offer a payout between 95%-96%
  • 18 bookmakers offer odds with a payout between 94%-95%
  • 13 bookmakers offer odds with a payout between 93%-94%
  • 31 bookmakers offer bets with a payout percentage that is lower than 93%

Placing your bets with the 31 online bookmakers that have an average payout lower than 93% is a waste of your money. You could be saving yourself quite a bit of money each year, simply by switching to those 3 bookmakers that offer a high payout.

Ranking the bookmakers for Europa League live betting

Besides the best bookmakers for live betting listed above, we also list the online bookmakers in the good and the worst category.  We grade on Europa League in-play (live) bets. We have further classified the bookmakers based on 1×2 betting.

It is up to you to make your own choice. But do make sure you bet with your best bookmaker. No need for your money to go down the drain!

As you have gathered the information in this article revolves around the in-play or live betting markets of the Europa League. We can imagine you are also interested in our independent pre-match odds analysis of the Europa League.

Bookmakers with good Europa League live betting odds

The bookmakers with good live betting odds on the Europa League based on our independent betoptimizr tool are:

The bookmakers mentioned above offer in-play odds with an average payout of 94% and 95% range. Still pretty good, it is well above the market average.

Most of these bookmakers also have very reasonable pre-match odds. betoptimizr also analyzed the pre-match odds for Europa League.

Bookmakers with the worst Europa League live betting odds

The bookmakers with less attractive in-play odds based on the betoptimizr tool are:

The online bookmakers mentioned above offer odds with an average payout percentage below 92%. You can do much better than that as we have shown elsewhere in this article. We would advise you to switch and start winning bigger!

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