Over/under odds: attractive bookmakers aplenty

What is Over/Under betting?

Over/under betting is getting more and more popular. The introduction of live betting is the main reason that the over/under odds are very attractive. Live betting makes it possible to place bets on over/under bets until the end of the match. Something that is not possible for the regular pre-match 1×2 bets.

The offer of appealing over/under odds nowadays by several online bookmakers underlines the popularity of this bet. The over/under bet is a so-called 2-way bet (two possible results for every chance). For the bookmaker, this means running less risk (on paper). The players will, therefore, get better odds value compared to other bet types.

What is Over/Under betting?

The over/under bet is a prediction whether the total number of events (goals, corners, rebounds, throw-ins, etc.) is over or under the “line” that has been set by the bookmaker. The “line” is the threshold the bet must pass (or stay below) to be successful.

There is no draw possibility for this bet. No draw means you will win or lose your stake at the end of regular time (extra time and penalty shootouts usually do not count). The over/under bet is a 2-way bet.

Like we mentioned before over/under bets are very popular and are frequently offered with in-play betting (live betting). When, for example, a team leads the match by 3-0 in the second half, the 1×2 bet is probably not on offer any more. But the excitement of live betting is undoubtedly back if you can bet that over/under 3.5 goals are scored in the match!

Click below to find examples of over/under bets:

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Teams score more or less than 0,5 or 1,5 or 2,5 or 3,5 or 4,5 etc. goals in a football match

The referee gives more or less than 3,5 yellow cards in a football match

The referee awards more or less than 10,5 corners in a football match

Tennis Players play more or less than 2,5 sets in a tennis match

Dart players play more or less than 17,5 legs in a darts match

Snooker players play more or less than 6,5 frames in a snooker match

Over/Under betting has two significant advantages

  • If a dominant team plays a weak side, the over/under bet can still be an exciting proposition
  • Over/under bets only have two possible outcomes. Many sports bettors find this a significant advantage

Top bookmakers for over/under odds

The top online bookmakers for over/under betting based on the betoptimizr research are:

The odds offered by these online bookmakers have an average payout percentage of 97% for the broader football competitions.

Good bookmakers for Over/Under odds

The bookmakers which offer good odds for over/under bets (average payout percentage of 96%

Is Over/Under betting appealing for bookmakers?

Yes, bookmaker offers this bet as a pre-match bet and as an in-play bet. Therefore, this bet can generate more turnover and revenue for online bookmakers. Furthermore, a proposition with only two possible outcomes is by definition less risky for a bookmaker. As a result, we see that the odds offered by bookmakers on over/under bets are amongst the better value within the special bets category. But as with all types of bets pay-out differs over time, competition, bookmaker, etc. Do the betoptimizr comparison test and find out! 

Average betting margin Over/Under odds

In the betoptimizr analysis on over/under bets the data of all major online bookmakers in your country is collected and analyzed. The graph below shows that the odds quality for the over/under bets (yellow dots) on matchday for the German Bundesliga, compared to the 1×2 odds (blue dots) for the same competition. 

We have plotted the payout percentages of 50 bookmakers for both bet types.

Conclusion Over/Under odds

• The odds quality of over/under bets are appealing but are overall not as appealing as 1×2 bets.

• The payout percentages for over/under are slightly lower compared to 1×2. Some online bookmakers offer very poor odds with an average payout percentage of only 92%-93%.

• The top bookmakers offer odds of 97% or even higher. Therefore, it is vital you bet the over/under bets with these bookmakers. Our free betoptimizr scan will tell you who these bookmakers are in the country you reside in.

• The odds of over/under bets for in-play betting are usually 1%-2% lower than the pre-match odds.

• Overall, the payout percentages for over/under bets are more than reasonable, but the selection of bookmakers is still very important

Handig om te weten …

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