Premier League betting tips

Premier League betting tips

Betting tips are a high commodity within the sports betting community. And not without reason. Getting yourself a little edge with your Premier League sports betting is always a bonus! Our betting tips are a bit different than the usual fare. We will not direct you to the winner of a Premier League match on a specific date. No, our Premier League betting tips will lead you to the best value over a long period. Our analysis shows that certain Premier League bets offer much more value than others. Our bonus to you is that we will reveal which bookmakers offer the best value for your Premier League bets. Here we go!

Premier League betting tips: Pre-match versus live betting

The most common Premier League bet is probably the pre-match bet. A wager made anytime between 5 days before the match and kick-off time. But, live betting is also getting more and more popular. Why? The excitement combined with your “reading” of the game may imply a possible edge. As the game goes on your knowledge of football is transferred towards betting value. Does this make sense? Not really! The table below clearly shows you should avoid live betting. The payout percentage of pre-match bets is much more significant than live bets.

Premier League pre-match vs live betting

Top 5 bookmakers Premier League Live Betting

Even though we discourage live betting, it does not mean you should never bet anything that is going on during a football match. We are fully aware that a bet during a live football match is very exciting and can be very profitable indeed. Also, there are plenty of bookmakers that offer very decent live betting odds.

Premier League betting tips: Pre-match versus Half-time betting

Half-time bets are probably one of the worst possible bets. Our graph below speaks volumes in that sense. Leave half-time bets for what they are and concentrate on bets that do offer value!

Premier League pre-match vs halftime

There are, however, a handful of real exceptions for half-time betting.

Premier League betting tips: Pre-match versus Asian handicap betting

What our analysis makes very clear is that Asian handicap bets on Premier League matches offer excellent value. Compared to pre-match odds the value is about even. So knock yourself out and start betting those Asian handicaps!

Premier League betting tips: Pre-match versus Both teams to score betting

The graph below reveals that Both teams to score (BTTS) bets do not carry a lot of value. Pre-match betting will give you much better odds than Both teams to score.


If you can’t resist a BTTS bet than make sure you wager with the bookmakers that offer decent odds.

Premier League betting tips: Pre-match versus Over/Under betting

The difference in odds value for over/under bets between the various bookmakers is significant. Quite a few bookies offer dismal value, but there are also multiple bookmakers that offer excellent odds.

Premier League top betting tips

  • Any pre-match bet gives you the best value
  • Asian handicap betting also offers you great odds value
  • Over/under betting payouts are also fair
  • Stay away from half-time betting
  • The odds for Both teams to score are pretty dismal
  • Choose your bookmaker carefully, there is a lot of different value out there for all bet types