How you can save big bucks and win bigger all year, every year

How you can save big bucks and win bigger all year, every year

Winning bigger with the free betoptimizr comparison tool

Here is a stone-cold fact: every year sports betting players throw away billions of euros (or equivalent). Simply by not betting at an online bookmaker with the highest payout on their preferred games and competitions. betoptimizr provides you with an independent and free tool allowing you to find your perfect bookmaker that offer the highest pay-out in your country based on your preferred type of bet in your preferred football competition. Win Bigger!

Our research reveals that the differences between bookmakers can actually be substantial. The truth can be painful at times: but it is up to you to do something about it.

Make sure you are not throwing away money. With our betoptimizr comparison tool you can find out in 20 seconds what savings you can make by switching to the bookmaker that fit your betting preferences best.

The Betoptimizr quick scan

Betoptimizr offers a free tool that will reveal which bookmaker(s) is the perfect fit for you. And with a perfect fit, we mean the highest payout possible. In the betoptimizr quick scan you only need to tell us what:

  • Your favorite market (football competition)

choice of 23 football competitions

  • Your preferred type of bet

choice of the most common bets, including 1X2, Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Both Teams to Score

  • Your preferred time when you place your bet

4-5 days before the match,2-3 days before the match, 1 day before the match, matchday or in-play (or live)

There are hundreds of possible combinations based on the preferences above. All with a different outcome.  We have developed this tool especially for you. Easy, quick and efficient.

Where you live matters

Not every online bookmaker is active in every country in the world. There are actually quite a lot of online bookmakers that are only active in a selected number of countries. Therefore we will ask you what your country of residence is. The results of our fee quick scan will only show bookmakers that are relevant for the country you live in. Easy!

Input is simple and takes 20 second

The details that need to be entered into the tool is very minimal, but the results are highly informative. It only takes a few seconds! 

How to interpret the bookmaker results

For every free quick scan you enter you will see the results of the best 3 available online bookmakers in your country. The results are ranked (best fit on top). Next, to the names of the bookmakers, we will also show how much money you can save by placing your bets at the ranked bookmakers. The amount is compared to the average of all active online bookmakers in your country. If your current bookmaker ranks low there is a good chance that your savings/winnings will be much bigger!

The in-depth premium scan

The quick scan is based on your betting preference. If you bet on more competitions and/or wager on several different bet types of bets, the also free and more detailed premium scan will be your next step. The premium scan holds the same questions as the quick scan but now you are able to give multiple answers. Very handy when you like to bet on different competitions and different bet types. The premium scan will also calculate your savings for both single bets and multiple bets (2-10 matches). This way you will get a very accurate calculation and a matching list of best bookmakers.

premium scan

Optimize your preferred bookmakers, win bigger and make sure you are not throwing away money. Do our scan now and find out in 20 seconds what savings you can make by switching to the bookmaker(s) that fit your preferences.